Any writer who has ever attempted to submit a book to a publisher knows that many flat refuse to read unsolicited manuscripts. For the rest, submissions are typically only read after a query process devoid of creative insight.

Therefore, in an effort to stave off tedium and encourage writers to do what writers do best, Schadenfreude will read anything and everything submitted to our offices. We will spare you the monotonous series of endless form letters you don't want to write and we don't want to read. We'll even save you the price of postage.

To submit your work for our publication consideration, simply e-mail a copy of the manuscript to us at

Our preferred format is Microsoft Word. We will do our best to open any other documents, but we request that you please make an effort to submit in a standard format such as RichText or PDF if possible.

To protect both you, the writer, and us, the publisher, please also download our Submission Agreement Form, fill in your information, and e-mail it along as a separate attachment. For understandable reasons, we won't open your novel attachment unless we first have your permission.

We are currently accepting only novels, though this is subject to change. To the poets and short fiction writers of the world, we apologize, but we do not, at this time, have the printing capacity to accomodate you. For novels, we specialize in literary fiction, both traditional and modern.

Please note that we do specialize in literary fiction. If you submit another genre, including children's or young adult fiction, be aware that we are not actively seeking these, but we do not wish to preclude the possibility of finding new talent in all genres. Thus, we will happily give your work the once-over and respond with any feedback we can offer. It is always possible, though not probable, that we will be interested in publishing your novel. Do not take our rejection personally; it is just a natural side-effect of being such a small publishing house.

Another side-effect of our small size is that we have a small staff, which is currently at work on a number of other projects, and to aid us in reading your work, we would greatly appreciate a brief synopsis. We're not looking for anything too "professional," but it would help us - and you - out.

Keep in mind, none of this is intended to scare you away. It's just the reality of our situation at present.

Unlike any other publishing house in known existence, we look forward to working with first-time writers. So if you've got a new idea or voice that just plain needs to be heard, we'd love the chance to get your words out there.