Tyler Duckworth is an independent filmmaker and founder of Landsake Productions.

Born and raised in Georgia, Tyler uses his own experiences to paint a portrait of the Metropolitan Atlanta area as the backdrop for his first novel, kids of oblivion, the story of Jude Campbell, a 22-year-old recent college graduate at war with the social, political, and economic status of the world around him.

Tyler, himself, holds a number of the same ideas as Jude, basing the novel on a concept his main character is well familiar with: being abused by an older generation and still, for some reason, striving to succeed in their world.

"I think it all just kind of pissed me off," says Tyler. "It's not bad enough they raped their revolution, stole our world, and refused to give it back—they had to give us a stupid name too. I mean, honestly, Generation Y? That's a sequel generation! Screw those guys."

Aside from being an angry young man, Tyler is hard at work on his next novel, as well as some other stuff he refuses to tell us about.

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